3 Methods of Viral Traffic Generation That Work Like Gangbusters

Getting traffic to your website is without  a doubt one of the single most important activities any marketer will perform on a daily basis. What if you could set it up so that you had other people getting your traffic for you?

When it comes to getting targeted visitors to your website, your initial efforts will be more or less based on what you do individually to get the ball rolling, however…

This article will outline three methods of viral traffic generation that will allow you to effectively leverage your time and energy for bigger profits.

The first of these methods is…

Creating Viral Videos – Video marketing is quickly becoming one of the single most effective ways to generate free targeted traffic to a website. However the real power of video marketing is the viral effect it can take on for your marketing. By creating entertaining, educational and humorous videos, you can attract hundreds if not thousands of viewers.

If you’re videos are interesting, useful or funny enough you may very well find the link to your video passed around like a hot potato resulting in and ongoing source of viral traffic that will continually flow to your website. It’s for this reason that it’s of the utmost importance that you watermark your video with your url so that you don’t miss out on all the traffic you could get from this method.

A second method of viral traffic generation is…

Creating Free Viral Reports – Viral reports are a very effective way to brand your online business and get others to promote your websites url. The secret to creating effective viral reports is to make sure that you are providing valuable and useful information to your target audience. You don’t have to give away all of your knowledge but you can give away just enough to whet your readers appetite for more while satisfying the need for instant gratification with something useful to start with.

Viral reports are awesome traffic generators because the cost to produce these can be very low if you decide to hire a ghostwriter to write it for you, and if you do it yourself it’s free. However the backend potential of a well written viral report containing well positioned links to affiliate products or your own products can mean continuous profits for you as others pass your report around.

It’s important to mention that if you want your report to go viral, you will need to give your readers giveaway rights so they will be able to pass your report around for you. You can also incentivize your report by offering your readers an opportunity to rebrand some of your affiliate links with their affiliate id’s.

A third way to get others to promote your site is to…

Create a Viral Audio – Another powerful method of viral traffic generation is the use of viral audios. You can take your free report and read it into a microphone. Audio reports tend to have a higher perceived value and as was mentioned in the case of viral reports can be converted to mp3 and passed around the internet with a link back to your site.

Useful viral audio products that generate a sizeable amount of interest are teleseminars or guru interviews that appeal to your audience. An information packed audio can increase your sites visibility in the marketplace a hundred fold when done properly.

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    Just wanted to tell you that your blog is not rendering correctly on the BlackBerry Browser. Anyway, I’m now on the RSS feed on my laptop, so it shows!

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