3 Reasons Why You Should Create Your Own Products

Much of the big money that is made with information marketing is a result of product creation.

If you’re anything like I was when i first came across this kind of information you probably thought that it was too advanced and probably dismissed the thought right away.

The truth is that creating your own products is not very difficult at all but…

The key to creating successful information products is to understand the market you’re targeting.

What determines whether or not a product will sell well in the marketplace?

If there is one piece of advice I can give you that will help you to create super successful products it’s this…

Find a hungry crowd.

I personally got this advice from a very well known internet marketer by the name of Travis Sago and it has helped me and thousands of others to avoid the stinging disappointment of creating products that don’t sell.

It’s good to give credit where credit is due.

So why should you create your own information products?

Here are three reasons…

  1.  Credibility
  2.  Longevity
  3.  Control over the sales process

1. Credibility

Depending on the niche you’re in or the market you’re catering to, you may have noticed that the individuals who are raking in the profits all have one thing in common.

They each have their own product line.

By creating their own products or having them created for them they instantly place themselves in a position of authority.

As published authors they are immediately perceived as experts giving them leverage in terms of power and influence.

This can be especially effective when you have affiliates promoting your product for you.

The fact the other people are willing to invest time in advertising your product is a testimonial to your expertise, which further builds your authority and credibility in the marketplace.

2. Longevity

Having your own product is a great way to ensure that you’re going to be able to earn a long term income.

Businesses come and go and when it comes to marketing online, they come and go a lot faster, often times without notice.

If you have promoted products as an affiliate, meaning that you have promoted other peoples products; you may have noticed that without warning an affiliate link that was making you money, suddenly doesn’t work anymore.

Now you have to find a suitable replacement for the income you’ve lost and if you’re promoting multiple products at the same time like most affiliate marketers do… you could be walking a financial tightrope without even knowing it.

3. Control Over The Sales Process

When you create your own products, you can determine what the next step will be for your customers and more importantly you can funnel the proceeds into your pocket… not someone else’s.

One of the things that took me a long time to realize as an affiliate, was how much the actual value of my traffic was worth.

Until I realized this I happily gave away my traffic for a simple one-time commission.

Sure the product creator paid was willing to pay me 75% of the profit on the front end, but that was because he was going to make it all back and then some on the backend through his autoresponder.

The reason why this would be so easy for him to do is because I had already presold this new buyer traffic on his credibility as an expert.

As for me, I was going to have to find more offers and get more traffic in order to keep my business functioning.

Now it is possible to get other people to transfer credibility to you as an affiliate but I’ll share that with you in another article.

In the meantime I hope the three reasons I gave you for creating your own products will motivate you to give it a go.

Remember what the three reasons for creating your own products were?

  • Credibility
  •  Longevity
  •  Control over the sales process


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