3 Simple Ways To Get Free Targeted Traffic To Your New Blog

Thanks to the variety of new blogging platforms available it’s very easy to start a business on the internet. The part of the business that consumes the most time involves working to get free targeted traffic to your business fast. In this article I’m going to share 3 ways you can get free targeted traffic to your new online business quickly and easily.

The key to getting traffic is regularity but the most important component of your traffic is that it’s targeted. It’s not very difficult to get a lot of traffic to any site at  all, if you want to speed it up you can buy truckloads of traffic from various sources and crash your server if you want to but…

Getting a lot of traffic won’t do much for your business if the return on investment is higher than the actual cost to get the traffic in the first place.

So keyword research is a paramount activity that needs to be done in order to ensure that the people visiting your site are interested in the topic your writing about and are willing to spend money for more information in connection with your niche.

This leads us to marketing in watering holes where your clients gather to review, discuss and suggest their own preferences regarding specific needs in the market place.

One such place that you can find and interact with your target market is through forum marketing. By doing a quick search on Google for forums related to your niche market, you will be able to tap into the heart of your market and get a feel for what people are looking for, what they are spending money on and work at giving them more of what they already want.

It’s a good idea to find several forums that you can begin to develop a presence in and attract targeted clientele back to your site. The best kind of links to market are the type that lead readers to an optin form offering targeted information for free in exchange for your readers name and email.

By building a subscriber base you can easily notify your readers of new blog posts and double or even triple the amount of traffic to your blog without having to find new readers all the time.

Another way you can tap into your target audience is to find the most popular blogs in your niche and regularly leave comments on them. The key to making this strategy work is to leave real comments that indicate that you’ve actually read the post and make a meaningful contribution.

A good way to keep informed of new posts is to  subscribe to the authors newsletter so that eveytime there is a new article you can be notified and make your contribution. Some blogs use keyword luv and allow you to use a keyword in the name field to increase your chances of getting super targeted traffic however…

It’s not advisable to try and spam your links on these blogs because the majority of them are moderated (just like this one) and if you leave spammy comments like ‘nice post’ or ‘thanks for the advice, looking forward to your next post’, your comment will be deleted.

Last but not least another simple way to attract highly targeted traffic back to your blog is to go to Yahoo answers and look up questions related specifically to your niche and provide solid answers to the queries made by the targeted traffic you’ll find there. The key to not looking like a spammer here is to post a link back to your site in your profile.

You can post a link back to your site in the source section, but your site may not always be an appropriate source depending on the question asked, but you will generate a lot of interest in your profile based on your answers and with your link there, you will get a lot of targeted traffic back to your blog.

There are a whole lot more ways to get free targeted traffic to your new blog, but these should get you going and keep you busy for awhile.

It’s not how many traffic sources you use, it’s how effective you become at using the ones you choose.


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