3 Tips For Building Brand Awareness For Your Internet Business

Creating a website can seem like a daunting task especially if you’re not technically inclined in any way.

Fortunately there are a number of places online that you can go to and create a website in just a few clicks of your mouse.

The only problem with most of them is that you are limited in terms of creating a site that is distinctive to what you are selling.

When it comes to building a reputable and recognizable presence on the internet, a certain level of uniqueness is needed.

As I mentioned a moment ago, if you choose to use one of the many free website building providers the issue of uniqueness comes into play.

For example if you choose to use blogger or wordpress.com, the many templates that are offered are still recognizable as being either from wordpress.com or blogger.

Additionally because each of these services is hosted and provided by blogger or wordpress.com, the name you choose for your web address will reflect that fact.

If you were selling piano products, your website address might be something like http://bestpianoproducts.blogspot.com or http://bestpianoproducts.wordpress.com.

Although the website setup service provided by each of these sites and others like them are useful your are limited in your ability to create a brand that is distintive to you and what your business represents.

So I’m going to share three ways that you can create brand awareness for your business that your visitors will remember.

Your Memorable and Easily Recognized Domain Name

The first way to build brand awareness and set yourself apart from your competitors is to purchase and choose a domain name that reflects your personality, what you’re selling and is easy to remember.

For example, if you were selling computer products your domain name could something simple like, yourhealthycomputer.com.

If your were selling your services as a computer technician, your domain name could be something like, the computerphysician.com or you could just simply use your name, billyscomputerservices.com.

Using Pictures To Capture Mindshare

Another simple way to build a recognizable brand online is to put a picture of yourself on your website or a relevant picture of something your audience can easily remember and identify with.

This picture can be as simple as a small logo in the header of your website.

It doesn’t have to be overly complicated or fancy. It just needs to communicate a message that is congruent to the products that you are selling from your website.

The more relevant and simple your logo is to your audience the more readily your site will become a recognized authority in the marketplace.

Keep Your Content Congruent With Your Brand

If you really want people to associate your brand with something specific to your market, the content has to be focused.

This means that if your blog is about selling dog training products than you would be shooting your brand in the foot by featuring content related to civil engineering.

If the brand of your website is centered around photograpy tricks for the little guy, but you feature content about how to install small block engines, your visitors not recognize your brand as an authority on the subject of photography tricks for the little guy.

Make sense?

So let’s go over the three ways that you can build brand awareness for your internet business.

1. Purchase a memorable and easily recognizable domain name
2. Use pictures to capture the mindshare of your audience
3. Keep your content congruent with what your brand represents.

Keeping these three tips in mind will help you to build a business online that will result in reliable and consistent internet profits.


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