3 Tips For Creating A Profitable Squeeze Page

moneysign1Have you started building your list yet?

If not then I urge you to start doing so today.

Here’s why…

  • Having a list of subscribers can help you to streamline your traffic generation efforts.
  • Having a list of subscribers can help you to build a solid readership for your blog.
  • Having a list of subscribers gives you plenty of opportunities to market multiple offers without having to build a 10,20 or 50 page website everytime you want to promote something.
  • Last but certainly not least, with a list of subscribers you can build a relationship that can be both mutually beneficial and profitable, regardless of what happens in the world of search engine optimization.

So the question we’re going to address right now is how do you create a profitable ‘squeeze page’?

For clarification the term squeeze page simply refers to a one page website that is designed with only one purpose in mind…

To get subscribers.

But there’s a little more to it than that and we’re going to discuss briefly three tips for creating a profitable squeeze page.

The difference between a profitable squeeze page and one that just collects subscribers is this…


When I personally started trying to build a list, one of my biggest problems was that my offer was not targeted and my content was not focused.

Tip #1. Who Are You Targeting And What Do They Want?

So the first tip is to clearly define who your target audience is and figure out what specific information are they interested in getting more of.

If your target is too broad than you will find that although you will attract a few subscribers, building a relationship and monetizing that relationship will be extremely difficult.

Once you know who your target market is and what it is they are looking for your, squeeze page needs to speak directly to them.

Tip #2. Include Your Audience In Your Headline

The headline is typically the first thing that your visitors will see. Depending on whether or not your headline says something pertaining to their interests will determine whether or not they will consider opting in to get your offer.

The reason why this is so important is because if you try to get too ‘cute’ with your headline without directly addressing your visitors, your subscription rate will be very low.

Tip #3. Give Them A Profitable ‘What’s Next’ Offer

One vital component to a profitable squeeze page is, what comes next after your subscriber opts in.

This can be an affiliate offer or your own product but it has to be relevant to the information your subscriber is opting in for.

It shouldn’t be a mish-mosh of somewhat related ‘stuff’ as this will not help you to target your subscribers more closely.

Your thank you, confirmation, and download pages are prime real estate for effectively presenting related offers that can help to offset the costs associated with growing and maintaining your internet marketing business.

By taking these three tips into consideration you will be able to create a very profitable squeeze page that leads directly into building a wildly profitable internet marketing business.

To recap, the three tips were…

Tip #1. Who Are You Targeting And What Do They Want?
Tip #2. Include Your Audience In Your Headline
Tip #3. Give Them A Profitable ‘What’s Next’ Offer



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