3 Tips For Using Articles To Get Traffic To Your Blog

articletrafficmen1Despite the amount of new traffic sources that pop up on the internet daily, article marketing is still one of the most prominent ways to promote your blog.

Article marketing can do for you what most paid traffic methods can’t and that is build your credibility while attracting high quality visitors to your site at the same time.

I’m going to share three tips with you for directing that high quality traffic to your blog. Even if you have similar articles on your blog already.

1. Convert Your Blog Posts Into Full Length Articles

The easiest way to do this is to convert your blog posts into articles that you can submit to article directories.

Now before you just simply copy and paste your post into an article directory you will want to increase the word count in case the original post is too short.

The average word count requirement for many article directories is now around 400-500 words.

So make sure your article is long enough so that it doesn’t get rejected.

You will also want to give it a more polished appeal so that the visitors who find your article in the directories will perceive you as an expert in your field.

2. Create Videos And Submit Them To Youtube

By using a free video program like Jing or Windows Movie Maker you can convert your articles into videos and submit them to Youtube to increase your traffic potential.

Millions of people are watching videos on a daily basis, so the traffic potential is outrageous and you will also be getting a backlink from a high page rank site as an added benefit.

To boost your video traffic, social bookmark your videos to as many sites as you can. You can also write additional articles, submit them to article directories and include a backlink to your video to get even more traffic.

For example it would look like this…

1. Article one—> Video article 2
2. Article two—> Video article 3
3. Article three–> Video article 4 and so on.

Your video article should be different from the article in the directory that is pointing to it.

3. Convert Your Articles Into Pdf Format

To rev up the traffic to your blog even more you can convert your articles into pdf format and submit them to document sharing sites.

Document sharing sites are filled with potential prospects who are highly likely to follow the links in your pdf’s back to your blog.

To boost the traffic potential of document sharing sites you can employ the same strategy that I mentioned to you concerning your video articles.

Now there are two ways you can handle a traffic campaign like this…

1. Do it yourself
2. Outsource

Either way will work.

So to quickly recap the blog traffic tips in this article…

1. Convert Your Blog Posts Into Full Length Articles
2. Create Videos And Submit Them To Youtube
3. Convert Your Articles Into Pdf Format

Make sure that each of your articles has a link at the end pointing your reader back to your blog.


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