3 Ways To Develop A Targeted Affiliate Fan Base

Profitable affiliates understand who the people in their target market are and how to communicate persuasively with them. This is one of the fundamental elements of affiliate marketing and the reason why top online marketers are able to build a profitable affiliate enterprise online.

We are going todiscuss three proven and simple ways that you can build a targeted list of prospects and turn them into buyers.

The first way to get started with creating a targeted fan base of people whoare keenly interested in what you have to offer is to begin creating a list of subscribers.

Developing a list of tightly targeted subscribers consists of identifying what it is the individuals in your market want to learn about, are having a hard time with and wish to succeed at accomplishing.

With this information you can create an offer that will give them the information they want. As soon as you have created your offer all you have to do is setup a simple website so you can give the information away free in exchange for a name and email address.

This is the starting point of what is typically known as a sales funnel. At the top of the funnel you have a broad range of individuals in your market. As individuals come into that funnel, the questions you ask and the offers you make will continue to filter out those who most likely will not be your ideal prospects, resulting in a base of laser targeted susbcribers.

The second method for building a highly targeted base of prospects is to start blogging.

Starting your own blog is a great way to converse with your target audience and develop a friendly relationship with them. There are lots of free website content management systems online that you can work with to begin communicating with your audience.

The most popular and commonly used ones are Blogger and WordPress as both make it very easy to update and your content and develop your brand.

A key factor for creating a blog that gets response from the people in your market is to inject your personality into your writing and to have an opinion.

Don’t make the mistake of trying to please everybody because by doing that you will end up pleasing no one. To speed up the targeting process even more it is most beneficial to provide your readers an opportunity to subscribe to your list right from your blog.

concentrate on writing your posts in a manner that encourages your readers to respond by leaving comments and maintaining an ongoing conversation.

A third way to create a laser targeted affiliate fan base is by participating in forum discussions.

Forums are packed with individuals who all share a standard interest in a specific subject. The advantage of these forums is that they are broken down into smaller segments that are related to the main topic.

Most forums allow you to place a signature link at the bottom of your post. This provides you with an opportunity to expose your internet business to those whom you’re conversing with. In addition to the exposure you gain from those involved in the immediate discussion, you will also garner additional exposure from people who happen to find your link in the search engines.

As mentioned before, forums allow you to interact with individuals who already share an interest in the topic of your affiliate marketing business. This is a very efficient way to develop a laser targeted affiliate business that produces lasting income online.


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