3 Ways To Help You Increase Your Website Traffic For Free

Free traffic that converts visitors to subscribers and buyers is worth it’s weight in gold, but finding effective ways to get that free traffic can be difficult at times. Here are three ways you can effectively generate more targeted free traffic to your site now.

Social Bookmarking – Social bookmarking is a quick way you can locate targeted groups of subscribers and buyers who will visit your site based on how targeted your content is. With some social bookmarking sites you can literally attract traffic instantly to your site if you have an attention getting keyword rich headline and a solid piece of content to back it up with.

The key to succeeding with social bookmarking is not to inundate these sites with just your website links alone, since these are community based sites it’s preferrable that you bookmark links to sites of interest that you don’t own as a way of contributing to the community.

Article Marketing – Article marketing is a tried and tested method that continues to prove it’s effectiveness day in and day out. As was the case with social bookmarking, write keyword rich attention getting titles and include your keyword once in the beginning and at the end of your articles. This will help you to attract targeted prequalified traffic that will convert into customers and susbcribers.

Blogging – Blogging is an effective way in addition to the other two methods mentioned above to attract lots of targeted visitors to your site with no out of pocket expense on your part. With a blog you can integrate article marketing and social bookmarking to form a synergistic traffic effect that will draw in hundreds of visitors per day to your site in a relatively short period of time.

While these methods have been proven to attract targeted visitors and will help you increase your website traffic free it’s important to note that setting up and sticking to a system for traffic generation using free methods is the key to seeing profitable results.

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  • Increasing traffic to your site is essential but often costly or time-consuming. Being able to do so for free is invaluable advice.

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  • Great blog.. I know social bookmarking and it rock..it really has a great job for boosting traffic.. Thanks for this post 😉

  • Social Bookmarking is a great help to make your blog popular. That means Popularity Leads to Traffic and More traffic Means More money 😉

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