3 Ways To Make Sure You’re Attracting The Right Kind Of Traffic To Your Website

Often times you may have heard that if you want to earn a great deal of money on the internet, all you have to do is get alot of traffic to your website.

This information may well be suitable if you were managing an ecommerce store like Amazon or Ebay.

But if you’re operating a smaller website centered on one or two sub-topics of a much larger market, just getting more traffic will not likely help to improve sales from your website.

A big mistake most marketers make is that they concentrate so much on getting traffic that most of the visitors that arrive at their web site are not targeted.

This results in seeing substantial volumes of visitors visiting your site when you check the webstats, but noticing a high bounce rate at the same time.

A high bounce rate basically means that a large portion of the people who check out your site leave within the first 3-30 seconds. Barely enough time to make a sale of any kind.

So how can you make sure that the individuals who come to your website are the right individuals to start with?

Here are…

Three ways you can eliminate the problem of untargeted traffic and boost your conversion rate.

The first way you can make sure the best prospects are going to your website is by using keyword tools.

Keyword tools come in free and paid versions and are critical to discovering what keywords the market you’re targeting are searching on. With the data these keyword tools provide you can know what variety of content you need to produce and apply the use of these words within your content.


The second way you can target your prospects is to check out forums and familiarize yourself with the language of your market. This will allow you the ability to tailor your content in a manner that is similar to the voice of your market. With this information you will be able to get a better grasp on the fears, hopes and aspirations of the people in your target market.


The third way is through the implementation of search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization or seo for short involves strategically constructing your website in a way that will appeal to the right visitors to your website from the search engines.

Two Additional SEO Conversion Elements

Additionally there are two common elements of seo that need to be utilized in order to turn your website into a laser targeted traffic magnet.

One aspect is referred to as on-page optimization and the other is labeled off -page optimization.

On page factors…

…include things like the title of your website, keyword metatags and description of what your website is about. It also calls for strategically placing your main keyword and related keywords within your content.

An additional vital part of seo for attracting targeted traffic to your website involves putting the keyword you would like to rank for within your anchor text.

Off-page optimization…

…involves getting backlinks from other trustworthy and related sites around the web back to yours.

There are two ways to get these links to your website. One is way by implementing ‘blackhat’ techniques and the other is known as ‘whitehat seo’.

Both strategies have their advantages and disadvantages but it is necessary to know that ‘blackhat’ methods have the potential to lead to problems down the road you may not want to deal with.

At this point it should be readily evident as to why just getting a whole bunch of traffic to your website in and of itself won’t improve your conversion rate and generate sales from your website.

Their is a lot more involved and if you are operating an affiliate website, attracting the right traffic to your site is critical to the maintenance and survival of your internet income.


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