4 Tips For Writing Better Ads For Your Website

Advertising is everywhere. In some cases it’s as subtle as a logo on a baseball cap and in others it’s larger than life like the electronic billboards plastered all over Times Square in the heart of New York City.

But I bet you didn’t know that there are multiple opportunities to create subtle but effective ads on your blog.

The key to effective advertising is to be able to communicate your sales message in as short and powerful a way as possible.

This means that you have to get to the point while using words that encompass and relate to the theme of your blog and the products you sell.

In a word your ads have to be ‘congruent’ with what your business, your products and you stand for.

Below are four tips you can use to help you write better ads and increase revenue for your internet business.

1. Write a compelling and captivating headline.
2. Describe the features and benefits of the product or service.
3. Write a unique selling proposition, USP, of the product or service.
4. Always include a call to action, typically marked by a command or request for the reader to ‘buy now’ or ‘click here’.

Now let’s briefly discuss each of these tips in a little more detail.

1. Write Compelling Headlines

A compelling headline forces your reader to keep reading the rest of your ad.

This can be tricky sometimes because it’s very easy to over do it when it comes to hype.

Some power words you can use in your headline are…

Top Secret,Underground,Classified,Shocking,Amazing,Stunning,Exposed,Revealing,Blockbuster,Proven, etc.

2. State Features and Benefits of The Product

What does your visitor stand to gain by purchasing this product? How will it make their life easier? Will they see results faster?

What does your visitor stand to lose if they don’t buy this product? Will their bottom line be negatively affected without this product?

These are just some ideas that you can keep in the back of your mind as you write out what it is your prospective customers stand to gain or lose.

Secret Tip: People are motivated more by ‘fear of loss’ than by ‘pleasure of gain’.

Example: You can tell some people that they could literally make millions on the internet if they buy your product and some people will take action.

However, if you tell someone that although they have the choice to not buy your product, not only will they struggle to see an increase in their income but they also stand to lose even more money in the long run because the problem your product fixes is not solved, they are twice as likely to take action and buy.

3. Write A Unique Selling Proposition

Coming up with a unique selling proposition is simply a matter of highlighting what is you like best about the product.

However the trick is to write the USP from your customers viewpoint.

This is especially the case if you created the product. Their will be features and benefits that will be most appealing to you, but the key is to look at your product like a customer would.

You would have to look at it as if you had never seen it before.

4. Every Ad Should Include a Call To Action

Imagine going through the trouble of explaining all of the ins and outs of a fantastic product, watching your prospect literally grin with excited anticipation and then just walking away without telling them what to do next.

That would be one giant waste of time wouldn’t it?

The same is true when writing ad copy. If you don’t include some kind of call to action like, ‘click here’, ‘buy now’, ‘grab your copy now’, instead of increasing your revenue, your ads in effect will be leaving money on the table.

So once again the four tips we’ve discussed for writing better ads are…

1. Write a compelling and captivating headline
2. State Features and Benefits of The Product
3. Write A Unique Selling Proposition
4. Every Ad Should Include A Call To Action

Writing better ads that get clicks and make sales takes practice and with these tips you’ll soon find yourself writing ads that generate income almost effortlessly.

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