5 Affiliate Marketing Tips For Generating Bigger Profits

Are you an affiliate marketer? Most people who get started on the internet typically choose this method of making money online.

Have you made any sales?

What do you think is the most effective way to generate commissions as an affiliate?

Well before I answer that last question there are only two things that matter when it comes to generating commissions as an affiliate marketer.

They are:

1. Traffic
2. Conversions

Now at first glance you might thinking that if those were the only two things I had to worry about, how hard could making money as an affiliate be?

That my friend is where my 5 tips for making bigger profits as an affiliate marketer comes in.

Yes, you do need traffic. As a matter of fact you need lots of traffic but more importantly you need… targeted traffic.

Tip #1. Avoid Un-Targeted Traffic Sources

Depending on who you’re marketing to and what type of product you’re marketing will determine where you spend your time fishing for buyers.

There is a lot of talk about social media and making money with facebook, but the truth is that not every product is a good fit for the facebook crowd.

Additionally, social media sites in general are full of people who want to be social. They don’t want to spend money, they want to talk.

Social sites are an integral part of a solid promotional campaign, but by themselves they do not convert well.

The best way to identify a good traffic source is to know who you are marketing to in the first place.

Tip #2. Know Your Market

What kind of people are looking for the offer you’re promoting?

Can they afford to buy?

Where do these people hang out?

What kind of products are they buying now?

These are simple indicators that can help you to develop the right approach to the people most qualified to take action on the offer you’re promoting.

Tip #3. Product Knowledge

Realistically speaking, you are not the only one promoting the product in question.

This means that in order to develop a marketing message that stands out from the competition you need to know the product well.

Who will benefit the most from this product?

What makes this product better than other products like it in the marketplace?

How long should it take before the average person can expect to see results?

Are there additional expenses associated with the use of this product?

The best way to get the product knowledge you need to develop a unique marketing message is to buy it.

Purchasing the product gives you an opportunity to ensure that the quality is equal to or worth more than the asking price.

Tip #4. Leverage Other Peoples Contacts

The faster you can get a lot of people to see your affiliate offer the faster you will be able to tell whether or not you’ve got a winner.

To get a blast of targeted traffic to check out the product your promoting you might want to consider looking into Ezine ads.

Ezines are simply electronic newsletters that are run by webmasters who have spent a good amount of time building up an audience interested in receiving updates and information regularly via email regarding certain topics.

For example, if you were an affiliate for a dog training video course, you would look for an ezine offering dog training tips and advice.

Ezine ads are not free. They can cost anywhere from $5 up to $2500 and higher depending on the relationship and the responsiveness of the subscribers on that list.

However the best way to use Ezine ads to your advantage is to check out…

Tip #5. Build Your Own List Of Subscribers

The best way to increase your opportunity for generating huge profits as an affiliate marketer is to build your own list of subscribers.

You can do this by creating a simple website that offers an ethical bribe or freebie related to the interests of the people in your target market and then promoting your affiliate offer to them on the back end.

The biggest advantage in having your own list of subscribers is that you can continue to communicate with your traffic long after their initial visit.

A list gives you the opportunity to slowly build a relationship with your subscribers by sharing more information regarding their interests as well as additional offers that can help them achieve their goals faster.

So let’s recap these five tips again…

1. Avoid Un-Targeted Traffic Sources
2. Know Your Market
3. Product Knowledge
4. Leverage Other Peoples Contacts
5. Build Your Own List Of Subscribers

Thanks for reading!


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