5 Internet Marketing Article Tips For Increasing Viewer Response

If you’ve ever read an article on the internet about something that you were either passionate about or just wanted to know more about you were either satisfied with the content or you were not.

Content on the internet is either good or bad and either one of those two results is what your content will be labeled after your viewers read it. However there are certain factors that you can manipulate in your article marketing that can help you to produce good quality content that draws in readers and builds your credibility at the same time.

In this particular article I am about to provide you with you five tips that will assist you in getting your articles read and acted upon.

Tip #1

Write From Experience

One of the easiest and speediest ways to crank out appealing quality articles that indulge your readers is to simply write from experience. One thing that people like to read most is stories. By outlining your articles in a story telling way you will be able to keep your readers riveted to your content.

If you are writing about a subject that you have minimal knowledge about, read a few articles or short reports about the topic to familiarize yourself with it. Then imagine the sort of individual that may be interested in that specific information and write your articles in a way that caters to their interest and desire.

Tip #2

Write In Simple Terms

Most internet users read at a sixth grade level, so using overly descriptive and college level lingo will only serve to alienate the greater part of your audience. That is unless you happen to be targeting college professors, mathematicians, or lawyers.

Keep your words simple and get to the point and you will be okay.

Tip #3

Keep your paragraphs short

If you have ever read a lengthy article online your eyes most likely were tired and you may have felt like you were getting a headache. By breaking up your article into short easy to read paragraphs you will get a better result from your readers.

Tip #4

Use Subheadings For Skimmers

Most internet users are too distracted to give any one piece of content their full and undivided attention. To combat this it is best to use subheadings in a way that communicates the benefits of your article to your target audience even if they just skim your content. Arrange your subheadings so as to keep your reader skimming and eventually clicking on the link to your website or product recommendation.

Tip #5

Your article is NOT about you

The purpose of your articles is to provide your readers with the content they are searching for, to make a buying decision. At the end of your article, your resource box should provide an offer with a link to your website that will help them to further benefit from the content in your article.

Do not make the mistake of attempting to post your resume in your bio box because the fact of the matter is… it’s not about you… it’s about your readers. They don’t really care about you… they care about themselves.

A substantial part of turning your articles into a lucrative endeavor is to make sure that the website you send your visitors to converts well.

This is absolutely essential which is why I highly recommend this.

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