5 Tips For Uncovering Niche Profits And Article Marketing Success

nichediscovery1One of the things that stops most individuals cold when it comes to article marketing is trying to figure out what topics to write articles about.

The problem isn’t the writing itself but coming up with ideas of interest and targeted to your niche market can be a real brain teaser.

Here are five easy strategies you can use to research your niche to find an almost unlimited supply of topics to write about.

So lets’ begin with the first method for finding some acceptable content ideas to use…

1. Forums – forums are crammed with ideas that you can work with to create compelling content that is of interest to the people in your market.

The reason for this is because, the number of discussions that take place on forums are made up largely of the consumers who buy the type of products you are attempting to promote.

Visiting forums is an effective way to find out what people are looking for.

Using this strategy you can easily listen in on and have a conversation with your potential customers.

2. Visit Yahoo Answers – The Yahoo answers website is a very well known site that people visit to get instruction in relation to how to do certain tasks, fix things, buy things and so on.

All you have to do is type in your keyword and you will immediately get access to a variety of article titles and concepts.

What topics are your competition writing about?

3. Check out a few of the more popular article directories and browse through some of the article titles. You can easily locate tons of ideas for topics to write about and you can take it a step further and take a peak at the most viewed section to see which topics are getting the most attention.

4. Look for magazines that are targeted towards the consumers your niche.

These days it’s not necessary to go to your local news stand to locate popular magazines in your niche.

Simply type in your “niche keyword+magazine” and you’ll have a huge choice of online publications you can look through to see what they are writing about.

5. Go to Google News and set up an alert based on the keyword you enter.

Once you set this up you will instantly receive notification by email whenever an article about your niche is published.

This is a strategic way to have the content come to you.

If you put any one or all of these strategies, you’ll find yourself not having enough time to write about all the concepts you’ll discover.

More articles, more links and more traffic means more money for you.

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