5 Tips For Writing Articles That Make People Want To Buy Your Stuff

internetprofitsThere are two kinds of articles you can write when it comes to article marketing.

One that is written for the purpose of just trying to make a point without selling anything and the other that takes your reader to your affiliate link.

Articles that are written with the intention of making a sale are a little more complex to write.

Because articles written solely for making sales have to be engaging enough to keep your readers attention long enough to reach the affiliate link in your resource box.

Here are 5 tips you can use to turn your articles into money pumping cash machines:

Tip #1 Stay away from writing long boring articles.

Most people who use the internet are not interested in reading overly long and drawn out articles.

Write articles that are no longer than 300 – 400 words that create a desire to want more information.

The link in your resource box is the only way they can get it.

Tip #2 You’re the expert.

Express a level of confidence in your content along with a little bit of personality and you’ll easily engage more readers and crush the results long winded and boring articles get.

Tip #3
Divide your article into shorter paragraphs.

Long blocks of text have a tendency to scare people away from reading.

A large glob of text on a page can easily spook your reader into clicking away, because they don’t want to work that hard to find out what they want to know.

Tip #4 Make a compelling offer in your resource box.

The author resource box is your opportunity to make a compelling offer that causes your reader to readily desire to click on the link to your website to get more information.

You can essentially look at the offer in your resource box as a classified ad.

Tip #5 Make sure that the site you’re sending readers to is effective at converting visitors into buyers.

Now that you’ve taken all the needed steps to create a cash producing article, it’s crucial that the site or affiliate offer is highly targeted to your audience.

A large part of ensuring that your readers will take action after they click through to your website or affiliate website lies within the design of the site itself.

Don’t risk losing money because of a poorly designed and unprofessional looking website.



7 Responses to “5 Tips For Writing Articles That Make People Want To Buy Your Stuff”

  • The Random guy on January 28, 2011

    Well said. BTW – looks great on my iPhone, but on the Blackberry Pearl’s browser your site comes out a little funky.

  • David Marks on January 29, 2011

    article writing is the best way to get traffic to sites, not only traffic you can also make money by writing articles.all you need to do is write quality articles.

  • nitrous cars on January 29, 2011

    Thanks for sharing tips for writing articles. keep it up!!

  • David Marks on February 7, 2011

    article is one of the best way to generate traffic to ones site, it is also one of the best way to gain money online, but in order to achieve that one should create quality articles.

  • David Marks on February 18, 2011

    article writing is just easy, you just need to know the topic and you should know the tricks on how to create a high quality article.

  • Kimmo@fräknar on February 27, 2011

    #6: learn what CTA is all about.

    Don’t use your keywords as the anchor text. Use something a bit more CTAish, such as… well, the classic: click here.

    The CTR riiises by using that little neat trick. Try it out 😉

  • David Marks on April 4, 2011

    Rationally, when people want to buy something, they know to count the pros and cons of the product. However, if they want to buy it, they will convince themselves they need it. This is what marketing physiologists will call an emotional buying.

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