5 Ways To Increase Your Website Conversion Rates With Article Marketing

Article marketing is an a powerful way to begin driving qualified traffic to your website, but you can always tweak your articles to get better conversions.

In this post you’ll find five article marketing tips that will help you to achieve better conversion rates from your marketing campaigns:

Here’s the first tip…

If the title doesn’t capture the attention of your target audience than the remainder of you article will not be read and the links in your resource box won’t get any clicks..

The second tip is to maintain a keyword density of at least 2% – 3%.

This is one of those tricky areas of article writing SEO that needs to be balanced with just the right optimization for the search engines but sensible enough for your audience to read.

If you put too much effort into writing for the search engines without keeping your readers in mind, you will struggle to see good results from your content.

A third tip that will increase your articles’ effectiveness is the use of bullet points.

Bullet points help to break up what may seem like a giant glob of text.

People who use the internet tend to be easily distracted and very impatient which is why the use of bullets are good way to lead your reader to the links in your resource box.

The fourth article marketing tip that can help you increase your article conversion rates is to make sure that you check for spelling mistakes.

If there are too many misspelled words in your article your readers will eventually click away out of frustration.

So make sure that you use a spell check to insure that your articles get read and you look like a credible source of information.

The fifth article marketing and conversion tip is to test different resource boxes.

It’s at this point in your article that you want to get your readers to is click on your links and visit your website to learn more about your offer or get a free report.

These 5 article marketing tips can easily help you to get better results from your marketing efforts if you choose to use them.

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