50% More Stretchable? What?

How in the world can you tell whether something you’re using is 50% more stretchable?

I got to thinking about this after I saw a commercial for Band-aid.

They made it a point to really shine a spotlight on this aspect of their product.

I don’t know about you but whenever I’ve gotten a cut or scrape…

My number one concern did not revolve around the stretchiness of the band-aid.

I always thought that if the size of the band-aid you’re using is too small…

Get a bigger one.

So what’s all this yammer about stretchable band-aids got to do with internet marketing?

When you think about it, this simple marketing campaign highlights the value of finding something about your product or service that is uniquely different from your competitors.

Even if it’s being 50% more stretchable.

How does what your marketing differ from other products like it in the market?

How does the WAY your marketing a particular product or service differ from the way everyone else is marketing that same product?

Try this simple exercise next time you see a commercial on t.v.

See if you can identify the angle being used to make that product or service stand out as being better than the other brands that are competing with it?

What is it that would make someone choose that product over another just like it in the market?

Now look at the product or service you’re marketing and consider the hidden benefits that would make buying your stuff the right choice.

Hey… maybe an information product that is 50% more stretchable might be something to consider.

What do you think?

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