6 Tips For Communicating With Your List

Effective communication with your list is crucial to your long term affiliate marketing success. If you want to be able to print money on demand these 6 tips can help you to accomplish that.

1. Speak Casually – By writing in a way that sounds like your talking to a close friend you will be more apt get and keep your readers attention. This also puts your reader at ease and more responsive to your message.

2. Go easy on the vocabulary – If you’re readers have to get out a dictionary to understand what the heck you just said, you may feel a slight disconnection there. Use simple words to get your point across.

3. Try to write Short sentences – It’s important not make your emails look like one big block of text or worse yet, several big blocks of text. Personally the minute I see what looks like a long drawn out email, I usually don’t read it through. 2 or 3 sentences? Good.

4. Avoid Long Messages – In line with point number 3, it’s good to keep your messages relatively short. If you have a long message to communicate, convert it into a pdf and give your readers the link to read it.

5. Mix up your offers with content – There are a couple of ways you can go with this, such as mailing 2 0r 3 messages that give strictly content or by giving content with an offering in the p.s. Don’t bomb your list with offer after offer because that will only give them cause to ignore you.

6. Provide an unsubscribe link – People will join and leave your list for various reasons, so give them the option to unsubscribe if they so choose. There’s nothing more irritating than feeling like your trapped on a list.

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