8 Ways to Increase Exposure for Your Internet Marketing Business

In this article you’ll find a short list of creative ways that you can use to increase the exposure of your internet marketing business.

Publish your e-zine in pdf format. You could place more articles within each issue. Publishing your ezine in pdf format allows you to include graphics and can give you an opportunity to generate more income by offering other businesses full color ads within your ezine.

If you have a product that isn’t generating a good amount of sales you can include it as a bonus with another offer or service.

Before you include it with the higher converting offer, be sure to include ads for your business within the product. It’s a great source of free advertising and increased exposure for your internet marketing business.

Swap ads with other internet business owners in your autoresponder. Place a short classified ad that you can put at the top or bottom of each others autoresponder sequence.

Share your content with other webmasters and ezine owners in your niche. You could share articles, lists, etc. Each webmaster could include a resource box leading to an affiliate link or related offer at the end of the content.

Inside your products you could offer to place advertisements for other online businesses, however before you just go ahead and do that ask the other party to do the same for you.

Keep in mind that it’s important to make sure that the businesses you trade ads with are targeting the same audience.

Offer free tips. You can offer your free tips on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, but make sure that the tips are relevant and related to what your business has to offer. You can write a short ad to include at the beginning or end of your emails.

Start a forum on your blog or website and offer free daily e-classes. If you pick hot topics that people are interested in learning about this will keep visitors coming back to your blog or website regularly.

Build your own directory of websites focusing on a specific subject. You can give your visitors an opportunity to link back to the directory by adding it to their own website.

Place a banner or text link ad at the top of the home page for the directory. With this idea you can build lots of backlinks to your website fast and get massive exposure for your ads.

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  • Michael Cowell on January 22, 2010

    I like the way you post your articles they are very straight forward to what the post is all about. specially this one very nice tips! hope to hear more good tips from you soon. thanks for sharing

  • Florida SEO on January 24, 2010

    These are some great tips that I need to put some effort into for my online marketing company. Most do not understand SEO, although it sounds as you do. Everyone has a different way of explaining it.

    Being in the SEO industry we usually tell our clients that a good SEO strategy is made up of two things: on-page and off-page optimization. On-page is your titles, descriptions, meta tags and so fourth. Off-page optimization is how many links point to you, social media content, and so on. We can accomplish some incredible results by working in these vital areas. But there is another area that entirely depends upon the client, Its an area that can make any SEO company’s SEO efforts 100 times more effective. Establishing a magnetic brand and have the ability to deliver some killer content! Your brands success depends on it. When you provide your SEO firm with unique, high quality well-branded content to optimize the sky becomes the limit and your competition is left floating in the wind!

    As a Florida SEO company we have worked with many different types of companies and have found it very promising for any and all of these companies to have a SEO strategy in place. There are very few people who stick with it long enough to earn the results, people are in general lazy so if you spend the time and effort to do so, you can dominate just about any industry keywords out there. Budget allowing of course 🙂
    .-= Florida SEO´s last blog ..Optimize ur Twitter Profile =-.

  • I like the idea idea to place ads for other online business and vice versa if you can find partners who have similar target groups. Very nice post.

  • I wanted to drop you a quick note to express my thanks. I’ve been reading through your blog for a few days or so and have picked up a ton of excellent information as well as enjoyed the way you’ve structured your site. I’m trying to run my own blog however I think its too general and I need to focus more on smaller topics. Being all things to all people is not all that its cracked up to be.

    • Nando on January 30, 2010

      Hi Jinnie,

      I’m glad you find the information useful.

      As far as being all things to all people, you’re right… it won’t happen, unless you’re running a social network.

      If you can find a specific area of interest to you and your readers you’ll do ten times better. With a more niche specific blog you can also maintain your enthusiasm for posting by writing short posts similar to tips. This will give you tons of content and if you want you can knock out a few at a time and drip feed them using the schedule feature in WP.

      To your success,

  • Daryl on February 17, 2010

    I’ve heard one of the best ways to increase exposure is through podcasting. You could try interviewing top affiliate program managers and sharing that with your audience. Hope this helps. ~ Daryl

    • nando on February 24, 2010

      Podcasting is definitely another way to get a bunch of backlinks and exposure for your site.

      Thanks for sharing, much appreciated.


  • Russ Hendrix on May 27, 2010

    Very informative!i like the idea to place ads for other online business and vice versa if you can find partners who have similar target groups. Thanks for posting!
    .-= Russ Hendrix´s last blog ..Hello world! =-.

  • Kian Gray on October 5, 2010

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