A Powerful Whitehat Method For Producing A Traffic Storm To Your Blog

There’s no question about it that if you would like to get a massive amount of traffic to your blog you have to come up with a whole lot of articles and distribute it all over the internet.

However as easy as that looks, the process can quickly become a bit more involved than you expected.

A large number of newbies and even mid-level marketers find themselves quickly struggling an uphill battle when it comes to preserving the needed committment to keep traffic going and growing to their blog.

It’s for this reason that there is an massive onslaught of software that is being created and advertised for very healthy income.

But while software can help with automating certain elements of the process, without an article marketing or content strategy, you could nonetheless find yourself getting weighed down and still see very small returns.

So let’s chat for a moment about the reason for all of the content that you have to constantly produce to get the search engines to rank your blog on Googles’ first page results and catch the awareness of qualified visitors that results in profit.

The first aspect of the strategy has to do with searching out keywords that do more than just get people to your blog. You are looking for keywords that target a specific need. If your keywords are too basic, you don’t stand a snowballs chance in Hawaii of making any money.

The next part of your article marketing strategy requires frequently updating your blog by supplying new content that consists of your keywords without reading like rubbish, but instead working to presell your visitors.

Constant updates to your blog will keep the search engines constantly crawling your blog every time you update it. Take care to use pingler.com or stack a list of pinging services for your blog to ping whenever you post.

At this point you should be running with keywords that have increased revenue potential. Your content should include your keywords without looking spammy to the search engines and sounding nonsense to your readers.

Your blog should be getting steady updates at least 2 – 3 posts a day or close to it and now it’s time to get even more traffic to your blog.

Now it’s time to create content that you are going to pull from to generate backlinks to your blog from external resources.

You can do this by easily writing an article or two a week and submitting them to as many directories as as you can. The key to making this work is to spin your articles so that you have as many unique variations of your article as possible.

This gives the best chance of receiving as much link juice as possible to your blog and now you are attracting backlinks from the posts on your blog in addition to getting backlinks and traffic from the articles you’ve posted all over the internet.

This is of course a simple version of an an effective content and article marketing system that dozens of the most successful affiliate marketers are utilizing.

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