A Quick Update

ptpromov1In my last post I mentioned that I would be making significant changes to NonStopMarketer. At this point I’ve switched over to using Profits Theme.

This theme is super easy to use and comes with a whole lot of bells and whistles.

There are some new products including a membership site that I’ve been working on that address much of the problems that most people are having with IM.

But the difference between what I’ve put together and most of the other ‘stuff’ out there is that the information and training contained in these products, especially the membership consists of tactics that I personally use.

This gives you the opportunity to learn from someone who is getting results that you can copy.

I’m not going to say that it is perfect and that your hair will grow longer and your teeth will get whiter but if you’ve been stuck on information overload and just can’t seem to get anything going then you’re going to like this.

I was frustrated with my own results for a long time and that was because all of the products I had purchased including most of the training I received was leaving out what I believe is the most fundamental part of marketing in general.

You see, you can learn all kinds of tricks and tactics when it comes to internet marketing but there is one absolutely critical piece of the puzzle that is missing and without it, it is incredibly difficult to create a predictable result as far as making money goes.

I’ve spent a lot of time reading the blog comments of other well known guru’s and despite the large inventory of products they have created, about 98% of their buyers are starving for any kind of success.

It’s actually pretty sad. But all is not lost if you can learn to incorporate the one missing element that makes it all work.

I’m going to share what that missing element is with you in my new report that is just about complete.

Stay tuned… because this is something that you’re being left in the dark on and before I realized what was going on and learned the hard way… the hope of generating lasting results was minimal.

Stay close. This can literally change everything for you.

If you want to learn more about the Profits Theme check out this video and see what you think.


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