A Very Real Threat To Struggling Internet Marketers

Did you think that making money as an internet marketer would be so tough? After all the sales letter said all you had to do was put in a couple of hours a week and you’ll be making big money in no time. Then you found out otherwise once you got started.

It’s at this stage that a very real threat exists that could have you chasing your tail and spending money like water if you’re not careful.

What’s the threat?

The threat involves following too many peoples’ advice.

Why is this is a threat? Because following too many peoples’ advice will do nothing but turn you into a professional student who feels that they will never be able to truly get started and compete for business online without buying that new ‘secret’.

Here is something very important that you have to understand in order to stay grounded and focused. What may work for one marketer may not work for another.

It doesn’t matter how nicely packaged the product is and how many people are promoting it, because soon after someone else will come up with a new way to achieve the very same success by doing it differently and they will tell you that the product you just bought is not the best way.

When you get caught up in taking advice from too many marketers you end up becoming a fly trapped in the world wide web instead of a marketer who makes money from it.

Find one path and stick to it, ride it out as far as it will go and once you’re ready to climb to another level seek out the information you need to get there.

If you’ve been working on putting out your own product but haven’t quite gotten ahead to launching it, what’s stopping you? Is it the thought that maybe someone will disagree with your way of thinking and talk negatively about you?

The only real reason that’s bothering you if that’s the case is because you’re allowing yourself to get caught up in all the drama that goes on between sales letters. Don’t fall for it. Avoid the threat and follow your chosen path to profits.



4 Responses to “A Very Real Threat To Struggling Internet Marketers”

  • Amyrhiz on September 8, 2009

    Yes, it’s hard to trust person and it also hard to find a real affiliate marketing guru who will teach you a real technique. 🙂

  • make money online on September 8, 2009

    That was a very good read – some great pointers and advice for an aspiring IMer.

    It really brought me back to when I was first trying to break in and still working a full time ‘real world’ job seeming to go nowhere. Thanks!
    .-= make money online´s last blog ..White Hat AdSense Method =-.

  • nando on September 9, 2009

    Yeah, it’s tricky, but you can succeed, you just have to a bit tenacious and take action on what you learn.

    Thanks for commenting and best wishes to you.

    .-= nando´s last blog ..Getting past the SPAM filters: Should I Use Free, F.ree or phree? =-.

  • nando on September 9, 2009


    I know how you feel and it can get a bit frustrating, however there are a few good people out there.

    The key is to pick one technique and grind it out til it works for you. 30-60 days will tell you something. But it can’t be a haphazard try it today, don’t try it tomorrow kind of effort.

    Wishing you success in your online journey,
    .-= nando´s last blog ..Getting past the SPAM filters: Should I Use Free, F.ree or phree? =-.

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