Affiliate Marketing Business: Minimize Distractions For Maximum Efficiency and Productivity

So you’ve read alot of information about the affiliate marketing business and you want to get going, but there’s a problem. Too many distractions.

Making money on the internet is tough when you’re easily distracted. Even if you decide to take action, there is always something new that comes into your email and steals your time and attention, but this is not the only source of distraction…

What does your desktop look like?

Is it littered with icons from every plr, mrr and free giveway you ever picked up? How about all the icons to the paid products that you plan to get to, but never find time for before you buy the next WSO?

It gets worse…

What does your workspace look like?

Is it littered with every book on free traffic and blogging you own?

So far as you can see, distractions abound everywhere and if not addressed, the likelihood of seeing any kind of success online is slim to none and slim just left town.

What can you do?

Sit still for a second and write out a plan for what you want to accomplish.

Whether it’s for a new minisite, creating a product, finishing off a promotional sequence for an existing marketing campaign, whatever it is put it down on paper.

Next thing you have to do is arrange your affairs so as to allow for maximum productivity by clearing away the distractions that will eat your time, money and confidence.

Create a new email account if you have to.

Arrange your desktop so that only the necessary tools are available.

Clear your workspace and minimize the amount of manuals and ebooks that you keep out. Use what you need and put the rest away.

You’ll soon see that your ability to produce cash flow from your affiliate marketing business will increase dramatically.



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