Affiliate Marketing: Is The Opportunity To Competitive For Success?

Affiliate marketing is growing by leaps and bounds everyday, but it’s not as simple as grabbing an affiliate link and direct linking from a ppc campaign. The days of Google Cash have come and gone, and despite this turn of events, thousands of individuals are making great money with affiliate marketing.

The opportunity for affiliate marketing success is still available and will continue to be as long as three criteria continue to be met.

Three Criteria For Success

The first criteria is to pick profitable markets. Some markets work better with affiliate marketing than others. It is important to choose the right market or markets to start with. Perform small marketing tests for several markets to see which one generates the most profits for you and then focus your efforts solely on that market.

Once you’ve decided what your bread and butter market is, it’s a good idea to create your own ‘portfolio’ or stable of affiliate products that you want to promote in that niche. The best kinds of programs to promote are continuity programs as these will bring in a steady recurring income on a monthly basis.

Anytime you can promote a quality product that offers recurring payments, go for it. Here are some simple rules for choosing a product: it has to be a quality product of course, it has to have a persuasive sales page, and commissions have to be healthy (60-100% for low-cost products and at least 50% for a high ticket product).


Finally, when it comes to promoting your affiliate links, you will need to put in the elbow grease. Affiliate success cannot happen without it. There are lots of affiliate marketing strategies you can use to create wealth with in this arena. Article marketing, ppc, forum marketing, blogging, etc. The key is to presell and promote your affiliate links as hard as possible to make it happen.

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