Affiliate Marketing Sales – Are You Losing Commissions To The Vendor?


Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to get started online when it comes to selling products on the internet, but there is something you need to be made aware of so that you’re efforts to drive traffic to your affiliate link won’t be in vain.

This article will talk about a strategy that you should employ in order to protect your commissions as you work to build your income from your affiliate marketing sales.

A typical scenario for affiliates is to find a product that is converting in the market place, secure an affiliate link and begin driving as much targeted traffic to that affiliate link as possible to begin racking up commissions.


In a perfect world that scenario would see lots and lots of people raking in ridiculous amounts of affiliate income if it went perfectly but…

There is one variable that cannot be controlled and that is the consumer on the other end of  the affiliate marketing equation.

For one reason or another a sale may not be completed due to the following reasons:

  • Customer doesn’t have the money right now
  • Customer got distracted during the buying process and stopped half way
  • Computer crash
  • Customer is unable to complete order due to pc restrictions in the work place

and on and on and on.

However there is another reason why it might seem like your customer has not completed the sale, and that’s due to the optin form that some vendors use to capitalize on the traffic that visits the site.

The fact is that the average online consumer is not going to make a purchase on the initial visit, especially if the product is a little pricey. So the strategic thing to do on the vendors’ part is to set up an optin mechanism that would allow them to capture the names and email addresses of their visitors so that they can promote the product multiple times to increase the opportunity for making a sale.

O.k. nothing wrong with that, except that if at any time the visitor you attracted to the product through your affiliate link decides to clear their cookies… you’re not going to get credit for the sale.

Again going back to the fact that the consumer is the one variable that you cannot control in the affiliate marketing sales process, the best way to combat losing commissions to the vendor is to set up your own optin mechanism that will allow you to capture the names and emails of the visitors who come to your site.

Once your visitors are on your list, you can expose them to your affiliate offers and if for whatever reason they choose not buy the product in question or they clear their cookies after joining the vendors list, ultimately they are still on your contact list because that’s where the sales process originated.

If you want to clear more affiliate marketing sales, the sales process should originate with you capturing your visitors contact information and not with the vendors product or subscription form.

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  • Kai Collins on May 1, 2010

    i signed up with the Amazon Omakaze affiliate program. i am not yet earning from this affiliate program because my blog is still very new.;.~

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