Affiliate Marketing Strategy:Troubleshoot Your Affiliate Marketing Campaign

If you’ve been promoting products online as an affiliate marketer without much success, you may need to troubleshoot your affiliate campaign.

It’s very easy to get caught up in trying to do things quickly to cash in on the latest product launch or giveaway event. Sometimes in an effort to get a promotional campaign up and running quickly you might overlook some key areas.

The majority of affiliate marketing campaigns consist of review sites, videos, blogs and article marketing. The tendency for affiliates wh0 get stuck and find that their hard work is not converting is to scrap the whole thing.

I know, I used to do this. But that’s the wrong way to go.

You’ll often find many times that all it takes to get a promotion to become profitable is a few tweaks and sometimes you just flat out need more traffic.

Case in point. A few months ago I put up a one page review site, wrote a few articles, social bookmarked the heck out of it and even made a video for it and nothing happened. Was I annoyed? heck yeah!

However instead of just canning the whole thing like I’ve done in the past I decided to look at the copy on the review and make a few adjustments.

You know what happened? About a month later that site started to convert. At first 1 or 2 sales a month to now 2 to 3 sales a day. Think I’m glad I didn’t get all riled up and squash it? You better believe it.

So the moral of the story is if you have some sites that aren’t performing the way you planned. Go back and see if you can tweak them a little bit. You never know there could be some nice commissions waiting to show up in your bank account.

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