Affiliate Marketing Success – 3 Tools You Must Have

As you set about on your quest to gain a level of market share in the big bad world of affiliate marketing there are 3 tools you must have if you want to enjoy affiliate marketing success.

Tool #1 You gotta have your own website. This doesn’t mean you can’t start out with a blog, but eventually you are going to need your virtual real estate that you can use to brand yourself with.

As blogging continues to dominate the internet, having a wordpress blog hosted on your own domain is the best way to go. Having your own hosting allows you to avoid any mishaps that could come from a blog hosted on a platform you have no control over.

It would really be a shame to lose revenue due to a server issue that was out of your control. In addition to paying for your own hosting, wordpress blogs are incredibly search engine friendly. Attracting traffic to these particular blogs starts the minute you add content. Of course there is more involved when it comes to search engine optimization, but just get a wordpress blog.

Tool #2 Incentives play a major role in influencing the decision making process of your prospects. Many of the top affiliate marketers provide relevant high quality incentives to increase the percentage of sales for any particular offer. The profits generated as a result of offering incentives can be hefty especially if the offer alone is a high converting one.

Tool #3 Inbound links from high page rank sites is a must if you want to achieve high visibility in the search engines. Now here’s the thing, you can achieve high visibility quickly if you have links coming from several authority sites in your niche, but the fact is that over time the bulk of your visitors are going to come from the search engines. So put together an aggressive linking campaign from the beginning and as your site ages, it’s relevance will increase in the search engines.

So there you are 3 tools for affiliate marketing success, a website for branding purposes, incentives for increased sales and profits, and links for search engine visibility and lots of traffic.

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