Affiliate Marketing Success | 5 Tips To Increase Your Authority

authority1If you want to increase your authority and your income as an affiliate marketer, one question you’ve got to ask yourself is: “how much effort am i willing to put in to achieve my desired level of success?” Affiliate marketing success can and will happen for you if you’re willing to do what is necessary to succeed.

One of the reasons some affiliates make more money than others is because of their ability to take action on their desire. When you look at the various blogs and websites that are popping up all over the web, what makes one stand out to you more than another? It is those very same elements that keep you glued to the screen that you need to employ in your business.

By developing quality content relevant to the needs of your audience you will be able to increase your credibility and authority in the eyes of your readers and that’s the first tip.

Tip #1 Deliver valuable content to your readers as best you can. The more valuable your content is to your audience, the better their perception of you will be. Does this happen over night? The obvious answer is no, but it can happen relatively quickly if you make a decision to hold to a higher standard of excellence.

Tip #2 Don’t be afraid to give away good content. You don’t necessarily have to give away all of your secrets, but you can give enough away to give your readers a reason to want to come back. If you always deliver solid valuable content, your readers will be looking forward to your next post.

A great example of this can be found at Jack Humphrey’s blog ” The Friday Traffic Report” and his membership site ” Blog Success”.  The content is freshly updated and relevant as well as useful or compelling in some way.

You can find it here

Tip #3 Don’t try to sell everything on your blog or website. Start out giving as much content as you can to develop a relationship with your audience. Let them get the feeling that you are more interested in providing useful information that can truly help them to succeed. Having a giving mentality will get you far more than you could’ve ever expected in the long run.

Tip #4 Build a list and provide a newsletter with tips, ebooks and product recommendations relevant to your readers needs. Make sure to buy the products you are recommending so that you can enthusiastically promote them. Make videos showing how to use the product and email them to your list.

Offer your time if necessary to help anyone having difficulty with the set up and implementation of the product. Often times it’s not as time consuming as it may sound, but the relationship you’ll develop with your subscribers will translate it long term profits for you.

Tip #5 Maintain good communication with your subscribers utilizing the 80/20 rule. 8o% of your communication should be with good quality content and 20% should consist of promotions. It almost sounds like you’ll be taking a hit in the wallet, but the reality is your affiliate marketing success is relative to the authority you have in the market place.

If you continually work at creating enough value for who you are and what your willing to do, then the law of reciprocation will come into effect and the rewards will be massive.

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