Affiliate Marketing Wealth Is A Scam

Affiliate marketing is quickly becoming one of the greatest opportunities ever since the gold rush. At least that’s what some people are saying about it. Is it really true though? Can the average person really attain to affiliate marketing wealth with little means?

Starting an affiliate marketing business is definitely easy enough, all you have to do is get yourself an affiliate link to promote what ever you want, use a free blogging platform to advertise it and get people to your website to buy.

Sounds easy enough right? So why do so many people struggle to make money online, if it’s so darn easy?

Well to put it plainly there is more to it, than meets the eye. When it comes to promoting your affiliate link and making sales, you have to have a plan and a method to accomplish that plan.

How successful would a major advertiser be if they did absolutely no background research for the market they chose to target? What if they didn’t even have any particular market in mind?

If they just chose to throw something out to the masses to see what sticks, what kind of return on investment could they reasonably expect to see?

Well as you know, major advertisers go to great lengths to find out exactly what markets are the most profitable and they pursue in depth and meticulous research to find out what the people in that particular market are interested in, what their lifestyles are and so on and so on.

Affiliate marketing wealth is no less intricate. While many of the steps can be simplified using free tools, marketing without research is like going into a gun fight with a nail clipper. It just won’t happen, no matter how many articles you write or how high you bid with PPC.

So if you feel like affiliate marketing wealth is a scam, take a step back and analyze more closely your marketing plan. Perhaps you may be missing an intricate piece to the affiliate wealth puzzle and once identified, you may  begin to profit wildly from your affiliate marketing campaigns.

If you want to learn how to perform in depth research to insure your affiliate marketing campaigns for maximum profitability, then I strongly recommend you visit Wealthy Affiliate.

No other internet marketing course goes into more detail about conducting market research and building targeted campaigns with that information than Wealthy Affiliate.

5 Responses to “Affiliate Marketing Wealth Is A Scam”

  • Philosophy on June 16, 2009

    I think what happens is people jump into affiliate marketing thinking that they can get rich quick, without looking at the whole business. You are right it can get very complicated.

  • free ds on June 16, 2009

    I don’t think affiliate marketing is a scam. I just think it requires a LOT of work to make it successful. People seem to think they can make easy money, and this is most certainly not the case. If it was then everybody would be rich wouldn’t they? I think the most imporant piece of advice I could give anyone is to stick at it, and remember it could be 6 months or even a year before you see any real benefit.


  • Affiliate marketing is an amazing opportunity and can have you earning loads of money, it is more than worth the hard initial work you put in especially as after a couple of months you will hardly have to lift a finger. However please beware of sights that seem genuine as I have said all is not always as it appears. Good luck in your affiliate marketing future

  • Kirk on June 25, 2009

    i agree, some people tend to think that getting into article marketing is easy money, when really, it could totally be the exact opposite… and these very people become targets of scammers that use article marketing as a facade… which is quite sad because it’s putting decent article marketers in a bad light…

  • Best CPA Networks on November 6, 2010

    Most internet marketers who are making decent money these days are using Cost Per Action, or CPA ads. This is because affiliates don’t need to close high cost sales in order to get commission for a conversion.

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