Are All Internet Marketers Self Serving Cheats?

Hi, my name is Fernando Morales. Nice to meet you, now “Stick ’em Up!”

That seems a little over the top, but it’s unfortunately the way some marketers market, isn’t it? Building a successful internet business doesn’t have to be that way…

If the focus is on building a Business. When you first got involved with internet marketing, what was it you were looking for? An opportunity to build a sustainable income stream that would allow you to quit your day job or a lottery ticket?

The marketing practices we’re exposed to on a day in and day out basis can easily make you question if internet marketing is right for you. Rest assured, the opportunity that the internet offers today is nothing short of phenomenal if you’re thinking long term.

Make Your Mark By Maintaining Your Integrity

Imagine having the kind of business online that becomes a staple of what internet marketing is all about. There are very who have achieved this kind of success and because of sticking to what is right and building on a solid foundation, they have businesses that will last for years to come.

Here is a simple barometer by which you can measure your conscious against. Is what you’re about to do or are doing something that you feel will catch up to you later? Does the practice your thinking about engaging in, cause you to feel uncertain or uneasy? If you feel uncomfortable in any way with engaging in a certain method of operation that conflicts with your gut…

Don’t Do It!

This is the first lesson to controlling the amount of stress that comes with establishing your own business online.

All internet marketers are not self serving cheats, but the actions of a few short term thinkers is adversely affecting an exploding industry that will create tons of millionaires in the coming years.

To find out how you can build a real sustainable business online without falling prey to the short term stick up kids, download a copy of Internet Marketing Sins by Sylvie Fortin.

This book will more than open your eyes. Strap yourself in it’s gonna be a wild ride.

To your long term Internet Marketing Success,


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