Are Gurus Getting A Bad Wrap or Are They Out To Take You To The Cleaners?

If there is one bone of contention that sticks out often, it’s the question of whether the Guru’s are out to swindle you out of your hard earned money. People at all different levels of marketing ability have alluded to some sort of conspiracy theory as to whether the internet marketing Guru’s have your best interests at heart.

What Do You Think?

Before we get to that, let’s consider what the word guru means for a second. According to the dictionary ( pick any one of em’) guru means to be a teacher or an intellectual guide in matters of fundamental concern. Let’s just go with the first definition, because the second one is a little too expensive for me.

If a guru is supposed to be a teacher, then by now you should’ve learned something about the internet marketing game even if it’s only one thing. If you’ve been buying a lot of internet marketing or affiliate marketing products, then by now you should be a trained expert in the art of recognizing crap a mile away.

Is it all the Guru’s fault?

Well, while the truth may be stranger than fiction, fact is that thousands of people get on the internet everyday looking for a magic solution to any number of problems that they desperately want solutions for. Because the desire for a solution is so strong, they’re willing to try almost anything that even remotely caters to that desire.

So whose fault is it when the consumer feels like they’ve been jilted out of their hard earned cash for a product that didn’t cut the mustard? Can you really blame the Guru’s for that?

Well truth be told, the Guru’s are not telling you all of their closely guarded secrets. As a matter of fact their is one secret that’s not even a secret at all and yet it’s so blatantly obvious that the majority of people who get involved with internet and affiliate marketing totally overlook it.

If you want to find out about this secret the Guru’s aren’t sharing with you join me in continuing this conversation by clicking over to:

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