Are You An Info Product Junkie?

Have you ever read about people that just buy stuff just to buy stuff? It’s like the thrill is in the purchase. The new product is so shiny and brand spanking new.

The excitement level is high and it almost seems as if the anticipation is more exciting than the actual product itself. The emails are coming fast and furious as every big name on the planet is promoting this “new thing”. It’s like a big party to celebrate the amount of money the merchant is making and for just a moment you’re invited.

Wow, it’s just so awesome and to think you might actually make a few bucks too, if you do this stuff. Then when you can’t take it no more you finally go ahead and buy the darn thing, crack open the new toy and all of a sudden… the excitement is gone.

Guess what? This thing ain’t going to work by itself. You know what that means… you gotta learn how to use it. Oh no. I didn’t sign up for that.

This is the case of most product junkies. They just live for the excitement of the launch and the possibility that this next product will just magically cause their clickbank account to go into ’tilt’ like an old pinball game. When it doesn’t happen, it’s off to the email inbox to see what else is going on to get excited about.

You know what? Even the crappiest of products out there will yield some results if you put forth the effort to make it work. It’s true. You can take one method of traffic generation and work it til it bleeds and make some money. The trouble is most people don’t want to hear that.

If you’re an info product junkie the only way to break out of the vicious cycle of running up your credit card is to take action. Take action on something and just keep taking that same action over and over again. Eventually you will begin to enjoy the benefits of your hard work when your efforts begin to compound themselves.

You can succeed if you want to. If you want to then you will do what you have to.

Go for it,

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