Are You Over Thinking Your Success?

You’ve just finished putting the finishing touches on your latest ebook or free report and it’s all set and ready to go, but…

Maybe you’ve just finished reading an interesting post on a forum and while you know how you want to respond in your mind, the minute you get to actually typing out your response… your mind draws a blank.

Perhaps you had an idea for a really interesting blog post and just as you begin to start typing it out… poof!

All of sudden what you wanted to say “magically disappears”.

Has this ever happened to you?

Fear not it happens to every one at some point in time. The problem is not that you don’t have a good idea or a good product, the problem rests with…


We may feel that although we have a good idea for a blog post or product somehow it could still be better. After all, you always here people complaining about the lack of quality products online or someone makes a negative comment about someone’s idea.

The fear of rejection and disapproval cause us not to ‘give it a shot’. However how will you know if the shot will go in, if you don’t take it?

Overthinking can cause you to go from a state of confidence and resolve to fear and tentative action. It’s amazing how easily we can talk ourselves out of taking action even though we may have had a moment of clarity and decided to go for it.

Don’t talk yourself out of success. There are many products online that could be better, but the one or two suggestions that you did get could be the catalyst to bigger profits. So was it a total waste? No.

The biggest obstacle to success online or anywhere else is what we think and how we respond to what we think.

To your success,


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