Article Marketing Promotion For Big Profits With Your Own Information Products

It’s interesting to note that whenever the subject of article marketing comes up, people instantly think of affiliate marketing. However it is just as effective in connection with promoting your own products and widely underutilized by many internet marketers.

That’s not to say that the a lot of online marketers don’t use this method of advertising and promotion, because they do, but it’s good to keep in mind that it can be just as effective a tool when it comes to promoting your own products.

Article marketing is much like a sign in the window of your business that helps you establish brand awareness and alerts consumers to the fact that you are in business. It is a very incredibly effective way to introduce your target audience to your brand.

The beauty of this method of promotion is that it’s probably the most cost effective way you can advertise your business for the long term especially if you’re just starting out online with a low advertising budget.

There is a trade off however and it comes in the form of the time it takes write the articles but as I mentioned in a previous post, even if you don’t like writing, you can always outsource the work to someone else.

With a good distribution of your articles circulating throughout the internet you can establish yourself as an authority in your niche fairly quickly. Another benefit of having a multiple articles circulating throughout the internet is that you will have links from many other websites pointing back to yours giving you more opportunities to get more traffic to your website.

It’s important to understand that the articles you write should not sell the product your promoting. It’s more of a way to advertise your products by hinting at possible solutions in your article and ultimately directing your readers to your product as the best solution.

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