Article Marketing Traffic: A Work Horse That Continues To Perform

Article marketing will continue to be an effective marketing strategy for a very long time to come, simply because search engines are useless without content. The average searches per month on the majority of given topics is conducted with the primary focus of getting information.

By utilizing article marketing as your traffic getting strategy, you are in effect positioning your content as the gateway to the solution that meets the needs of your particular niche. Some side benefits of course are increased pagerank and optimum search engine placement for your website.

For your article marketing to have it’s best effect, it is important to include an author’s resource box at the conclusion of your article. There are many well written and informative articles out there on the net, that do not have a way for the reader to connect with the source. As a result, that’s potential traffic lost. Make sure to include this vital piece of the puzzle to garner the maximum amount of article marketing traffic as possible.

Submit your articles to the top ranking article directories for best exposure. Article directories like Ezine articles, Go articles, Article Dashboard, Article City and so on will not only help you drive targeted traffic to your website but getting links back to your site from these popular directories can increase your sites importance in the eyes of the search engines.

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