Article Marketing: Why Are Links From Article Directories So Important?

If you’ve spent any amount of time online, you know that article marketing is one of the oldest most effective ways to get targeted traffic to your site. The problem that most people run into is staying motivated enough to make this strategy work.

I’m not going to sit here and lie to you and say that I enjoy sitting down for two or three hours to write articles. That would be a bold faced lie, but I will tell you what motivates me to do it.

First of all, article marketing is a great way to establish yourself as an expert in your niche and if you’re just getting started it’s an excellent way to smash the learning curve and become an expert.

Second, article marketing allows me to garnish one way backlinks from high page rank sites. Why is this so important? Because the search engines, in particular Google see one way backlinks from high page rank sites as  important.

So that leads us to article marketing directories. What’s the big deal and why not just get a whole bunch of links from high page rank web 2.0 sites?

Well as far as article directory sites go, you can benefit from all the deep linking that goes on within any given directory. Once an article is accepted into the directory it becomes a part of the deep linking structure that makes up the article directory.

That article becomes another gateway to and from the other articles within it’s category. All of those links funnel through to your article and on the other end is the link to your website and a very high vote from the directory to your site.

So imagine having hundreds if not thousands of articles in the top 50 – 100 article directories on the net containing a link that points back to your site?

Not only will you get some good traffic, but it will continue long after you’ve written the article.

That’s why products like Mass Article Control are such hot sellers. Article marketing is a time consuming process, but the long term effects can mean hefty profits for you down the line.

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2 Responses to “Article Marketing: Why Are Links From Article Directories So Important?”

  • Nina Sutherland on August 3, 2009

    A growing focus with the expanding amount of articles on the cyberspace is plagiarism. The moral concerns on plagiarism affect highschool teachers and university professors within the academic field, and the quantity of stolen content from publicised articles has also been very prevalent. The plagiarism scale has led to a few websites offering online services like CopyScape that inspect the Internet for duplicate articles by other writers.

  • Alice Rosemary on August 8, 2009

    article marketing is effective but a bit time consuming but in the end u get some great benifits from this

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