Article Writing: What's The Secret To Writing Lots Of Articles?

You’ve finally decided what you want to write about and just as you sit down to get it out… nothing. You think and you think and you think some more and nothing seems to come. But just before you sat down to write what was on your mind, you couldn’ t stop the ideas from flowing and the more you thought about it, the more the story continued to unfold in your head. This ever happened to you ?

You know that in order to get a lot of traffic to your sites and make sales, you’ve got to produce content. There’s no two ways about it, but there are some times when no matter how hard you strain your brain, there just doesn’t seem to be anything there. What’s the problem?

You have to stop thinking. Sounds crazy doesn’t it? After all if you’re going to put out a piece of coherent content for the purpose of attracting readers to your blog or website, shouldn’t you at least give some thought about what you’re writing?

Well here’s the deal. If you know your subject well enough to hold a conversation off the top of your head with someone on the street, then straining to create a literary version of the Mona Lisa is only going to stifle your minds ability to flow creatively.

The trick or secret to creating massive amounts of content is to:

1. Have a good working knowledge of your subject

2. Write without thinking about it

A simple illustration we can use is your job. When you first started working  on your job, you had to learn what to do and what not to do. Now once you got that information together in your head and continued to apply the information day in and day out, doing your job eventually became second nature to you.

It’s the same with writing. If you know just enough about your subject to put a few sentences together, you don’t have to sit and try to cover every aspect of your subject in your post or articles. You can do research on the fly and type into Google what you want to know as your writing and complete tons of articles in minutes with practice.

So the key is to stop thinking and start writing. What if you get stuck while you’re writing? Keep writing anyway until your train of thought comes back on track. Now of course you’re going to edit your content before you publish it for the masses, but save that process for when you’re done writing.

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