Biggest Firesale – Everything Must Go!

According to the traditional definition of a firesale, when goods are slightly damaged after an accidental fire they are sold off at discounted prices. The packaging may have sustained a little damaged, but the overall functionality of the product is still good. However…

The firesale that is taking place on Nov.18, 2008 consists of anything but slightly damaged products.

On that day 100 of the internet’s top marketers are getting together to pool some of their hottest selling products into what will seem like a Giant Bonus. Products that would normally retail at $67, $77, $97 are going to be sold off at rock bottom prices. But there is a catch…

This event will only last for 7 days and every other day until the close of the sale the price will go up. If you’ve been online for any length of time you will definitely recognize many of the contributors to this massive event, so you know the quality of the products will be top notch. You don’t want to snooze on this event, because there is sure to be something of tremendous value to you that would ordinarily cost you a lot more than what you can expect to pay with this firesale.

November 18, 2008. Mark it on your calendar and make sure to get your share of the action and  Guess what?

If you can guess the total dollar value of all the products in this event, your could walk away with all the products! So click on this link and take your best guess, hey… you never know.

To Your Internet Marketing Success,


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