Biggest Firesale – There is a ton of Stuff in here…

Well it’s day 3 and there is still more stuff to download from the biggest firesale. There is a lot of good stuff in here and quite frankly there is also alot of stuff that just didn’t need to be here. Overall for $97 dollars it wasn’t a total sham.

You know how it is though, when you’ve paid your hard earned money for something…

Here’s what I’ve done to keep my hard drive from crashing with all this material.

1. Open text file in Notepad (filename: bfsstuff)

2. Go to download page opt-in for each product

3. Locate actual download page for the product and copy and paste URL into notepad. Later on I can go back into the file and copy and paste the URL into my browser and pull up the download page.

4. For all membership sites, I follow the instructions for sign up and copy and paste Username and Password as well as URL and sign up date. (Just in case I don’t want to continue with the membership)

Repeat the process until I’m done. If you know a better way, shoot me a comment.

This allows me to get all the products, without clogging up my hard drive and gives me an opportunity to sort the wheat from the chaff. As I mentioned before there is SOME good stuff in here and as I get to them, I will post my reviews concerning each of them.

Cheers,                                                                                                                                                                Nando

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