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The blogging phenomenon perfectly compliments the second generation of web services known as Web 2.0 giving users the opportunity to determine the direction of the content. What possibilities exist for bloggers with Web 2.0? First of all, the whole aim of the new web-technology is to facilitate collaboration and sharing between users, on the one hand, and increase the usage rate on the other hand. The next legitimate question that rises here touches on the best ways to attract traffic to blogs with highly relevant and useful content. 

First and foremost, we need to say here that with blogs web information is no longer centralized in terms of authority, not to mention that the freedom to use and re-use material is limitless. From a certain point of view blogs become a real market, in which content is the transaction environment. Hence, Web 2.0 traffic tactics mainly gravitate around the optimization of blog articles for advanced search on the search engines. Though it may be very tempting, don’t aim too high from the very beginning, it is almost impossible to get large numbers of visitors from the moment you start blogging. 

The key to getting good traffic is perseverance and providing quality content. Content has to be re-freshed every week if not more often; in order to make that an easier task, it is enough to change some of the content, even if you don’t replace it all. With the large number of applications available with Web 2.0, a good idea would be to place a Google search box directly on the site, so that users may find it comfortable to perform further searches directly from your blog page. What’s in it for you? You make the user spend more time on the site and, consequently, you increase the chances of his or her returning to the blog in the future. 

If your blog is monetized with adsense or affiliate links, than you are also increasing the opportunity to pull in more sales. 

People are now more interested in blogs that have RSS feeds. For increased market share you’re best bet would be to let Internet users know right away that they can subscribe to your content. Initially, graphics were the best means to indicate the presence of an RSS feed; the great advantage now is that you can adjust the very colors used for this attention getting sign to the theme or topic specific to the blog itself. The system is created in such an easy to use way that all you have to do is insert the text and the color scheme and then a graphic pattern is generated immediately.  

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    Thanks $author! You share some great web traffic advice, thanks for sharing all this and making it clear enough for any one to be able to grasp! I’ve subscribed to your rss feed to keep up to date, looking forward to your new posts!

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