Blogging Platforms – The Advantages of Blogging With A Self Hosted WordPress Blog

There are a multitude of blogging platforms that a person can use to easily establish an online presence. If you’re thinking about starting a blog for non commercial purposes, than it really doesn’t matter which platform you choose, but if you’re planning to start a blog for commercial purposes than you may want to consider using WordPress.

This article will talk about the advantages of blogging with a self hosted wordpress blog and what not taking advantage of them could mean for your business.

WordPress blogs are amazing when it comes to traffic generation and design. With wordpress blogs you have a vast array of plugins that can help you to attract targeted traffic.

When using free blogging platforms like, and various others there various plugins that are available with are not available for those other platforms. In addition to the traffic generation aspect of wordpress blogs there are literally a myriad of themes that you can use to differentiate yourself in the marketplace.

In an attempt to deal with the design flaws of some of the free blogging platforms, some of the themes used for self hosted wordpress blogs have been reconfigured for use with free blogs, but unless you know html and php language, coding these blogs so that you can fully customize them to your own desire, just won’t happen.

To clarify the expression, ’self hosted wordpress blog’, what we’re talking about here is setting up a wordpress blog on your own domain name which requires the purchase of a domain name, purchasing server space from a webhosting company and pointing your domain name at your host to make it all work.

The beauty of owning the domain your wordpress blog is hosted on is that you can promote affiliate programs and use your blogs do build a linking campaign without any unpredictable backlash from the free host provider.

For many of the free blogs, the terms of service include not being permitted to promote affiliate offers or use their services for seo linking campaigns. What this means for you is that if you intend to use any of the free sites to promote your affiliate link or drive traffic to your moneysite, they can shut you down at any time without any explanation or warning.

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  • I was just browsing around the internet looking for ideas to write some articles about and saw your site, good stuff you have here thanks for the info.

  • Sol Pajtas on May 30, 2010

    Great post, I like it, I have bookmarked it!

  • Well they are going to be disturbed cause I am running every free blog I can find and linking it back to my self hosted blog for SEO linking purposes, lol.

    If they delete one of my blogs, I will open 5 more.

    I really thank you for this eye opening article.

    WordPress is totally awesome because of the blogging format. It is good for SEO too.

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