Building Backlinks or Going To The Dentist?

I used to hate going to the dentist as a kid.dentist2

Actually I’m still not too crazy about going to the dentist now, but I have to.

That’s how I felt about getting backlinks to my site.

I knew I had too, because how else am I going to get the constant flow of traffic my business needs?

Do you ever feel like that sometimes?

Have you ever found yourself doing everything else but what needs to be done to get more backlinks to your site?

The really frustrating part is when you constantly scan Google to see where you rank for your main keyword and you find your site listed on page 47 somewhere.


So what do you do when it’s time to do the real work of getting those much needed backlinks?

I used to do the majority of my link building by hand.

By that I mean that I didn’t use any kind of software to automate the process.

That was one of the reasons why I dreaded the task so much, because manually creating accounts, writing articles and submitting them was a real pain.

I would rather go to the dentist.

I used to constantly look at news clippings of people in impoverished countries to try and get myself motivated to do it.

After all these people are starving or suffering real hardships like I’ve never had to experience and all I’ve got to do is get some stinkin’ backlinks.

So I would procrastinate like a sonofagun.

Can you relate?

That’s when I decided to finally breakdown and start looking seriously at investing in seo backlinking and automation tools.

Anything to get away from the pain, you know what I’m saying?

Eventually I ended up investing in a couple of software programs that I still use to this day.


There is a right way and a wrong way to use these kinds of products.

First of all the caveat with backlink software is that you still have to use some common sense.

If you use these automation tools to instantly generate thousands of links straight to your site…

Expect to get penalized.

If you use backlink automation software to generate only one type of link back to your main site or blog…

Expect to get penalized.

If you use the same anchor text for all of your inbound links…

Expect to get… well, you know the rest.

While backlinking automation tools can help to alleviate some of the pain in terms of creating article directory accounts and so on, you still have to employ a backlinking strategy that involves the use of these software programs along with some good ole fashioned elbow grease.

That’s been my experience.

In many cases I’ve found that ranking websites in other niches outside of internet marketing doesn’t require as much muscle.

The key is to vary your anchor text and get links from multiple sources and always build with solid content.

On every tier of links that you build, you must lay your foundation on solid content.

This will ensure a stronger and longer lasting position on the search engines for the keywords you’re targeting.

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