Building Backlinks To Your Backlinks – You’ve Got To See This!

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages this is something definitely worth taking a moment to look at. Besides… I just picked this up today.

What I’m talking about is an incredible WP plugin called “pingback optimizer“. What this plugin does and the simplicity and ease of execution it provides is simply amazing.

If you’re into article marketing like I am, you know without a doubt how frustrating it can be to build thousands of backlinks only to find out that roughly 75% of them are not getting indexed in the search engines. Aaargh!

Pingback Optimizer solves this problem in a very time saving and powerful way and to see how it works, what it does and why you need to add this to your article marketing and content distribution arsenal check out the video below…

Just to recap this is what Pingback Optimizer does:

1. gathers up all your site’s page URL’s
2. turns them into an RSS Feed
3. submits them to 29 RSS Directories
4. do something else while the software is running on your computer

Pingback Optimizer does all of this but does it on the server where your WP blog is hosted. On autopilot, while you are either doing something more productive or having fun… hopefully the latter.

Click here for more info about Pingback Optimizer.


If you have any particular recommendations you would like to make leave a comment below…

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