Can You Use Article Marketing To Become A Super Affiliate?

When you read about the success of super affiliate marketers it’s very easy to think that they had some unknown advantage. However nothing could be further from the truth because these people started out using the same exact tools that are available to everyone else.

They had the determination, dedication and desire to change their financial situation using mainly many of the free tools that are available on the internet including free directories.

What you can get from this is that if they can pull it off, so can you. However, let’s go over a couple things they discovered that made the difference in the results they got with article marketing.

An important point to stress that will make the difference between your success or failure with article marketing is that the affiliate program or product that you choose to promote must be a very good one. If the affiliate program or product that you’re promoting does not convert well, it won’t matter how many articles you write to promote it.

Try to avoid submitting only one version of your article all over the net because not all of the article directories carry the same weight so you won’t get as much use from your submissions as you would like. It’s best to spin your articles into as many different but readable versions as possible to get the most out of the articles that you do write.

You can also use your articles as relationship building tools by loading them into your autoresponder and sending them out on autopilot.

Your articles are a reflection of the quality associated with your brand, so you’re better off writing 5 high quality articles and building your reputation as a trusted credible source of information, than to write a hundred shabby articles that will just make you look bad.

For your articles to be extra persuasive it’s a good idea to know the product you’re promoting. The most effective way to get to know the product you’re offering is to buy it. If you’re unable to purchase it, ask the vendor for a review copy by expressing your interest in promoting his/her product and would like to make sure that what they have to offer is worth the effort you’re going to put in to promote it.

These are just a few important tips that super affiliates continue to apply to their article marketing efforts and if you apply them as well then you’re sure to reap similar rewards.

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