CB Predators Review – Candid and Upfront

Product name: CB Predators
Vendor: Chris Fox & Jerome Chapman
Release date: April 20, 2010
Format: Software

O.k. folks here we go. Here comes another affiliate marketing product launch that you’re sure to get a whole bunch of emails about.

Funny thing is that many of them will try to sound like they don’t really care about the product and all of a sudden have this massive change of heart and tell you to buy it from their link.

Been there… done that.

But here’s what I want to tell you…

Once you read the salesletter you’re going to want to buy it.

Is it because CB Predator is so great?


It’s because a very skilled copywriter who knows how to tell a story and push some hot buttons put together a very serious sales letter that is designed to convert you into a buying customer.

So you’re probably wondering… what’s my angle?

It’s simple, after having fallen for many overhyped salesletters and allowing myself to get swept up in the buzz surrounding some really big product launches, I actually ended up getting a refund on a couple of those products because they…

1. Didn’t live up to the hype
2. Involved more than the salesletter let on (too technical and overcomplicated)

The CB Predators product claims to give anyone with the ability to click a mouse a way to set up commission generating blogs in 15 minutes.

The CB Predators product claims that you will not have to drive traffic to these sites and can make you money in the same day once you set it up.

Here are some key phrases that may stimulate you into jumping on this without reading the whole salesletter:

“Just 15 minutes from now you could have your first site online…”

“making big commissions”

“It honestly works that fast”

“by tomorrow you’re already making regular affiliate commissions..”

“This is different from everything else you’ve ever seen…”

Listen I’m not trying to rain on your parade, if you feel that what CB Predators has to offer is worth the  investment then by all means go for it.


On the off chance that you feel it doesn’t fit into the profile of your current business plan than I’d advise you to leave it alone for now.

Let a little time pass to get a better indication as to whether or not this product lives up to the hype or not.

Make sense?


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