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If you’re not familiar with Chris Rempel by now, I can tell you he is one of the most down to earth, bare knuckles, pull no punches marketers around. His products are simple and useful and he doesn’t try to gouge his list for profits.

His latest product is Rapid List Profits Formula and while I have just bought it, there’s no doubt that I can look forward to seeing results from it. So having said that, I’m just simply going to post a couple of the testimonials he’s received from some of his customers.  I will return to post my results from following his strategies in a few days.

Check out what some people had to say about it:

“Dear Chris,

“Like all your other reports – and I have studied them all -, this one, too, is hands-on, i.e. eminently practical, very easy to follow, interesting (often enough even: fascinating) to read and 100% convincing.

“I’ve been making a full time living off the Internet since Fall of ’94, so I guess I’m anything but a tyro. And in the course of this long virtual career I’ve literally read up entire libraries of marketing advice, strategies, techniques, recipes, you name it.

“Not to mention tens of thousands of dollars I had to cough up for a lot of this stuff, about 90% of which doesn’t even remotely compare with what you are delivering at a mere fraction of the cost.

“Your material isn’t just top-notch: you come over as entirely sincere
and to-the-point without being in any way unclear about where you stand
and what your own best interest might be in this equation as well, which
is perfectly ok.

“You obviously know what you’re talking about and you have a fantastic
knack of delivering value in an empathetic manner most everyone should be able
to relate to. (Your total lack of hype, too, is an invaluable force multiplier
in touching your readers within their comfort zone.)

“Reading your reports is time and effort undoubtedly well-spent – and if it
helps readers to make a mint in the process, there’s hardly more anyone can
ask for.

“So thanks a heap for this again, and by all means keep up the good work!”


Ralph Tegtmeier (aka: “fantomaster”)


“The Rapid List Profit Formula is great, I’ve learned more real “usable” tips in this ebook than tons of other list building products that seem to just focus on telling all the ways to build a list.

“This ebook tells you the whole process, leaving no stone unturned, thanks Chris”

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Check out the Rapid List Profits Formula for yourself and see what all the fuss is about.

To Your List Building Success,                                                             


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