Clickbank Cash Secret Affiliate Strategy

You’ve heard it all before, some guru whips up a quick screenshot of his Clickbank account, makes outrageous claims about the kind of money he’s pulling in everyday, get’s his band of merry men to promote the heck out of it and then he’s gone… with your money.

Sometimes I wonder, do copywriters ever get tired of writing the same old tired *ss salesletters? Well, I was checking out the mail in the inbox today and got this message about this next best thing and decided to give it a looksey.

Of course the dramatic effect of a big claim like $1,537.44 per day makes your eyes gravitate towards it like the earths electromagnetic force, but there was something I was a little surprised to see…

None of the typical graphics associated with these kinds of salesletters. In fact the actual pitch seems to calm down quite a bit as you read it. Something else that caught my attention was the bonus in addition to the offer.

Most product pitches will offer an ebook or a few pdf’s and some videos, which is not bad, but this guy is offering as a bonus to the product, the actual site template he uses to cash in on Clickbank daily and it can be customized to suite whatever niche or product you want to promote.

Not Bad.

There are also other bonuses being offered as well and if you want to check this deal out,  Click here to get the dirty details

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  • hookah bars on May 15, 2009

    If their products are near the top of the category, it means their sales pages convert. See if you can take a little of their style and use it on your own sales page. I’m not asking you to plagiarize their content; take a look at their style and see if you can incorporate some elements of it on to your sales page. This is a proven formula that works!

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