Clickbank Marketing Tips – New Product Additions and What To Watch Out For

If one thing is for certain there is no shortage of new products being made available in the Clickbank marketplace. Especially with reference to the Internet and Affiliate marketing niche.

Most of these products will promise you the world and make you feel as though you might be missing out on something, but a word of caution is needed.

The saying: “not everything that glitters is gold” is definitely in effect here. I’m going to mention a product that was recently launched called: “Auto Mass Traffic”.

Lately many of the sales letters that you see nowadays pretty much have the same layout and format with the small video box on the left and a buy now button on the right and the new magic pricing number is $37.

The majority of these sales letters start out with all kinds of crazy clickbank earnings screenshots and then go into the same spiel about how you..

DON’T need any previous experience
DON’T need any technical skills
DON’T need a website
DON’T need to write articles
DON’T need to wait 6 months for results
DON’T need to work all day and night to make ONE sale

They even go so far as to say you can start..

WALKING AWAY from Google Adwords™
WALKING AWAY from Article Writing
WALKING AWAY from Twitter™
WALKING AWAY from Banner Ads
WALKING AWAY from Backlinking
WALKING AWAY from Blogging
WALKING AWAY from Facebook™
WALKING AWAY from Social Bookmarking

These rhetoric is designed to associate an enormous amount of pain with the strategies you may be using to build your business with and buy into the latest and greatest crap software that’s supposed to replace all of this.

On top of all of that these salesletters don’t even tell you what the heck the software does or how it works and you’re supposed to “just buy it”. Sorry wrong answer.

When you get emails for this stuff do this instead..

Go to the Warrior Forum and check out the internet marketing product reviews section. In this section you’ll almost always find someone inquiring about whether or not anyone else has bought the product and what it actually does.

A couple of new products that I’ve recently received emails for include:
Auto Click Profits
CBK Gamers
Auto Coupon Cash
Mass Cash Coverup
Auto Traffic Monopoly
Just to name a few.

I recommend going to the Warrior Forum because there you will find real reviews about what these products do from marketing veterans. Your typical review blogs on Google are mostly a bunch of crap, so don’t waste your time.

Hope you found this useful,

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