Clickbank Marketing Tips – Which Is Better Becoming A Vendor Or An Affiliate?

In this post you’ll find effective clickbank marketing tips that will help you to maximize your income and increase your money making potential.

If you’re brand new to making money online with affiliate marketing than you may not be familiar with clickbank.

However if you have been around the block as far as how internet marketing works then clickbank will be one of the first places you’ve heard about.

Clickbank is one of the largest online retailers of digital information products. These are products that are created in digital format and are instantly accessible and immediately downloadable as soon as a customer has completed the payment process.

Earning money as an affiliate marketer with clickbank products is a touchy subject for some people and a way of making a full time income for others.

There are 2 ways that you can make money with the clickbank website:

1. As an affiliate
2. As a vendor

Both of these options are very lucrative but the most effective option of the two is to earn money as a product creator.

Essentially as a vendor you have the option of creating your own information product or purchasing resell rights to someone else’s product and putting it on the clickbank website. The power of producing your own digital information products lies in the ability to attract others to help you in the promotion of your product.

As an affiliate you can earn a percentage of the sale from the vendor but you will have to do all of the promotion yourself. This may necessitate shelling out a few bucks to buy traffic or investing large amounts of time to generate it.

When you are the product creator you are better positioned to leverage the efforts of other marketers to get the word out about your product and piggy back off of all their advertising.

So what does this have to do with you?

This means that instead of you doing all the SEO, blogging, article marketing, ppc, social media, link building you would basically have an army of affiliates who would do that work for you.

As an affiliate it’s essential to try and locate products that are of good quality, pay a good commission and provide support for their affiliates in terms of the needed tools to effectively market their product.

Attempt to get a review copy for the product if at all possible, so that you can find the right hook to market the product and make sales.

The reason why clickbank is such a fruitful profit source for most vendors is because as a vendor you have access to over 100,000 + affiliates.

More experienced affiliates have huge mailing lists that number into the tens and even hundreds of thousands of subscribers. One single mailing from these marketers to their subscriber list could net you a few hundred sales instantly.

Others have discovered ways to skillfully build affiliate review sites that attract laser targeted traffic and pull in profits on a daily basis.

The best clickbank affiliate marketing tip that I can give you is to work at developing as large a subscriber list as you can. Work to build a relationship through your correspondence with your subscribers and you will soon be in a position to make money at will with clickbank.

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