The Content Marketing Conflict and How You Can Overcome It

differentopinions2In the past week I must have seen about 6 different ads for products that are supposed to make content marketing easier.

But if you’re just getting into the online marketing game… they won’t.

Here’s why…

Each sales letter that I read had a different outlook as to how content marketing should be done as well as conflicting views regarding various content marketing strategies.

For instance one of the products had to do with a plugin designed to capture the attention of internet users via social signals.

The maker of this product downplayed the need for backlinks and focused more on being likable versus being linkable.

Other products focus more attention on getting backlinks and pagerank over likeability.

This stuff can get kind of confusing right?

Well here is a 10 step content marketing checklist that can help you to avoid making the same mistakes that many content marketing beginners are prone to make…

  • Don’t build on rented land
  • Craft your cornerstone
  • Make your content worth reading
  • Give your content a secure environment
  • Don’t give your great content an ugly apartment
  • Create content that attracts a wider audience
  • Build an email list sooner rather than later
  • Create content on a larger stage
  • Don’t go too long without making an offer
  • Go to social media … once you’ve got something to talk about

For more details about each of these bullets check out the 10-step content marketing checklist over at

As you can see it takes a little more work than most gimmicky sales letters are willing to tell you but I think this is a very practical content marketing plan  for long term internet business success.

At some point I’ve made just about every mistake a beginner can make and something else a lot of people won’t tell you is that…

Making mistakes is a part of the learning process.

But you know what they say… “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again”.

Write these steps down on a piece of paper and pin it up where you can easily reference them when you need to.

That’s what I do to make sure that my plan doesn’t somehow get derailed by some other conflicting schools of thought.

What do you think?


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