Do Affiliate Marketers Need A Website?

In theory an affiliate marketer does not actually need to have a website. An individual can simply run a banner ad and purchase advertising spots on many websites to make commissions.

On the other hand as simple as that sounds, research would have to be done to track down the best sites to place these banners on and a monthly marketing budget would have to be established.

An additional way to market affiliate offers would be to bypass the cost of advertising and generate sales by setting up a website of your own.

There are various free and low priced web design platforms that can be used to achieve this.

However you may have heard or seen an ad for an affiliate system that does not necessitate having a website as an affiliate. So…

Do you or don’t you have to have a website as an affiliate marketer?

Here are three reasons why every affiliate should consider having a website if they wish to generate a substantial income from the internet.

Reason #1

With your own website you can develop your own brand and develop trust and loyalty from people within your target audience. This will serve as a mechanism for bringing in recurring commissions versus the one shot deal. Additionally having your own website gives you a face that your audience can identify with versus remaining totally invisible to your market.

Reason #2

Having your own website can give you the opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise with your target audience. This can serve to build your credibility and improve loyalty through reciprocity. The more quality content you deliver the more endeared to you your audience will become. This will have a very rewarding effect when it comes time to make recommendations.

Reason #3

With your own personally branded website you can create an open line of communication with the people in your market. In the case of a blog you can develop an ongoing conversation with your prospects as they will have the ability to comment on the written content you post. This feature of your website will afford you the priceless opportunity of finding out what your prospects likes, dislikes, desires and motivations are.

With the three reasons I’ve just layed out for you, it’s easy to understand why affiliates who take the time to develop an open line of communication with the individuals in their market by having their own websites are so profitable.

Through the exchange of information and dialogue that is able to take place, the affiliates who apply these principles are able to create wealth at the push of a button.

Do you have a website? What’s been your experience? Did this post help? Leave a comment below and share your expertise…

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